Nintendo Swith Gaming Console Review

Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

Although perhaps no longer the number one video game console company in the world, Nintendo is still a force to be reckoned with. They are also far more experimental when it comes to designing and releasing consoles. From sticking to cartridges at the dawn of CDs in console gaming, to the juggernaut success of the singular Nintendo Wii, this is a company that constantly strives to redefine and evolve the experience of playing video games.

The Nintendo Switch is a good case in point. For a number of reasons, this is the most unusual console Nintendo has ever released to market. At the same time, it might just be their best console in the past 20 years, as well.

Nintendo Switch Features

The first thing to understand about the Nintendo Switch is that we’re talking about a hybrid console. You can opt to plug the console into your TV, as you would with any traditional console game system. At the same time, you can also take the console with you and play it as a portable device. This gives it an element of being similar to the Gameboy.

This small, tablet-style console features a 6.2” LCD display with multitouch capabilities. Featuring the Nvidia Tegra processor with 32GB of internal storage potential, the Switch also has Bluetooth and WiFi options. In addition to the port for headphones, and the slot for cartridges, everything is pretty much what you would expect. Also included is a kickstand and a USB-C port for charging.

Then you have the “Joy-Cons.” These would be the detachable controllers for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Features

Pros And Cons

At the end of the day, there is definitely more good than bad to consider with the Nintendo Switch. Let’s start with the fact that Nintendo has done a pretty solid job in making a console that’s fun to place in both forms. The display is flawlessly sharp, and the multi-scheme controller is proof that Nintendo can still experiment and be successful at the same time.

Obviously, you will also love the games Nintendo has created for the console. Really, when it comes to Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, and the rest, Nintendo rarely disappoints.

The only significantly disappointing thing about the Switch is the fact that third-party support is a little thin. This has been a problem that has dogged Nintendo through the last few generations of consoles. They ultimately come up with the classics themselves, but in terms of sheer volume of great games to play, Nintendo Switch may strike you as a bit lacking. The battery life for the portable side of things is also a little weak. Given that the battery only lasts between two and six hours, the Switch isn’t something you can really rely on for a long trip.


Nintendo Switch Gaming ConsoleFrom being able to enjoy multiplayer on the go, to having a rich library of Nintendo classics to enjoy, there is a lot about this new Nintendo console that’s worth getting excited about. While not perfect, Nintendo has really come up with something special. If you’re sick of the same old thing, the Switch could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.


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