Best Nulaxy Foldable Tablet / Cell phone Stand Holder Review

Best Nulaxy Adjustable Phone Stand Review

Best Nulaxy Adjustable Phone Stand Review

Looking for a product that can hold your cell phone or tablet in place? Well the Nulaxy stand holder may be right for you. The Nulaxy can simply hold your digital device in place while you work in your office, in the kitchen, laying down in bed or on the sofa, great for face-time, video meetings, and plenty other activities that require your hands to be free.

The Nulaxy Stand Holder comes right out of the box ready to use. Simply set the stand on a flat surface, adjust the foldable plate to your desired position, then sit either your cell phone or tablet right into the holder. Now your ready to either check emails, listen to music, watch movies, play games, or do any other task comfortably.

Nulaxy Adjustable Stand Holder

Device Limitations

The foldable stand holder by Nulaxy can support any mobile or tablet device such as iPhones, iPads, Galaxy’s, Notebooks, Nintendo Switches, Amazon Fire, and a lot more. You can sit your device either horizontal or vertical on the stand holder. Charging cables and/or other wires can simply fit through the holes that are located on the neck of the stand.

Technical Features

The Nulaxy Foldable Tablet Holder can adjust up-to 270 degrees. It comes with an aluminum body and is available in three colors such as black, silver, and pink. The holder is produced with silicone pads which prevent your device from moving or scratching. The stand itself can hold up to .45 inch thick devices and strong enough to withstand weight up to 100 ounces.


  • Can hold any smartphone device (iPhone, Android, Samsung, etc.)
  • Can hold any tablet device (Note, Fire, Switch, etc.)
  • 270 degree rotation
  • Anti-scratch protection


  • More color options are needed.


If you are looking for a adjustable cell phone / tablet holder then this stand by Nulaxy is the product for you. Having a hands-free experience has never been easier. No more neck or hand-strains while watching Youtube or Netflix. No more having to pick up and put down your food while cooking in the kitchen, and overall no more holding your device all the time. Keep your EMF exposure to a minimum, that’s the added benefit of having a stand.



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